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My fic, organized by fandom.

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Lost and Found [Jack/Ianto; PG-13]

The end is where we start from [Jack/Ianto; PG-13]

Forever [Jack/Ianto; R]

In a galaxy far away, I sang about your lovely soul [Jack/Ianto; R]

Show Me the Stars [Jack/Ianto; PG-13]

the heart that you call home [Jack/Ianto; PG-13]

A Moment Like This [Jack/Ianto; PG-13]

the parts of me belong to you [Jack/Ianto; PG-13]

almost, on the edge of [Jack/Ianto; R]

Between Dreams [Jack/Ianto; PG-13]

A Brisk December Afternoon[Jack/Ianto; PG]

Snowed In [Jack/Ianto; PG]

Talk to Me [Jack/Ianto; PG-13]

Under the Mistletoe [Jack/Ianto; PG]

be of love (a little) [Jack/Ianto; R]

and we meet in the sky [Jack/Ianto; PG]

We Are What You Say [Jack/Ianto, Tosh, Gwen; R]

Wales, tonight [Jack/Ianto; PG]

Wait It Out [Ianto, Tosh, Jack/Ianto (implied); PG-13]

This is who we are [Jack/Ianto; PG]

from twilight to twilight [Ianto, Jack/Ianto; PG]

Half a World Away [Jack/Ianto; PG-13]

Colors Come and Go [Jack/Ianto; PG]

A Perfect Pleasure (written with sariagray) [Jack/Ianto; PG-13]

Stardust [Ianto, Gwen, Jack; PG-13]

And The Weather Will Hold [Jack/Ianto; PG-13]

It's Not a Costume If You Wear It Every Day [Jack/Ianto, Rhiannon, David, Mica; PG-13]

A Blank Page [Jack/Ianto; PG-13]

these unexpected subtle risings [Jack/Ianto, Rhys/Gwen; PG]

A Start [Jack/Ianto; NC-17]

Break a Silver Lining (written with sariagray) [Jack/Ianto; PG-13]

For the Future [Jack/Ianto; PG]

Under the Snow [Jack/Ianto; R]

you strangle my heart [Jack/Ianto, Gwen; NC-17]

Anchors Around My Feet [Jack, Eleven, Jack/Ianto; DW crossover; PG-13]

Manifest, with tea [Jack/Ianto; R]

a word, a signal, a nod [Jack/Ianto; PG-13]

Anchor [Jack/Ianto, Owen; PG]

Truth Like Glass [Jack, Jack/Ianto; PG]

The Sky Above [Jack/Ianto; R]

A Space to Cross [Gwen, Esther; PG]

The Hour Runs Through [Ianto, Gwen, Rhys; PG]

Here, now [Jack/Ianto; PG-13]

Time is not a line and I am not a rock [Jack/Ianto, Jack/Angelo (past); PG-13]

To All the People That You Became [Gwen, Rhiannon, Rhys; mentions of Jack/Ianto, Rhys/Gwen; PG]

The Vague Outlines of Ghosts [Jack/Ianto, Team; NC-17; written with sariagray for ianto_bigbang - COMPLETE]

All the way home (I'll be warm) [Jack/Ianto; PG-13]

A Matter of Perception [Jack/Ianto; PG-13]

The Persistence of Memory [Tosh; G]

A Shadow Passed [Jack/Ianto; past Ianto/Lisa; PG]

Into the Sun [Jack; past Jack/Ianto; PG-13]

Lost at Sea [Jack, Ianto; implied Jack/Ianto; past OFC; PG]

Litterbug [Ianto; mentions of Jack, Lisa; PG]

Message in a Bottle [Jack/Ianto; PG-13]

No. 6

Until Dawn [Nezumi/Shion; PG]

Transfiguration [Nezumi/Shion; PG-13]

Awake, Arise [Nezumi/Shion; PG-13]

though I am native here [Nezumi/Shion; PG-13]

song without words (reverie) [Nezumi/Shion; PG-13]

drawn into [Nezumi/Shion; PG-13]

Nocturne [Nezumi/Shion; PG]

like falling asleep and waking up again [Nezumi/Shion; PG-13]

The First Snow [Nezumi/Shion; PG]

Vestige [Nezumi/Shion; PG-13]

Fearless [Nezumi/Shionl PG]

A Little Sincerity [Nezumi/Shion, R]

For an Early Thaw [Nezumi/Shion; PG]

Everywhere With You [Nezumi/Shion; R]


Multi-Part Fic

Pulse [Tuti/Nagayan; PG-13 to R]
One / Two / Three / Four / Five

Without You [Tuti/Nagayan; PG-13]
One / Two

Cold [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]
One / Two

Waiting [Tuti/Nagayan; R]
One / Two


Jyuuden Kanryou [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Surrender [Tuti/Nagayan; R]

Wednesday, July 6th [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Float [Tuti/Nagayan; PG-13]

All Through the Night [Tuti/Nagayan; PG-13]

End [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Beginning [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

A Nice Gesture [Tuti/Nagayan; PG-13]

Fortune [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

After-Party [Tuti/Nagayan; PG-13]

Smile [Tuti/Nagayan; PG-13]

Fall [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

A Successful Plan [Tuti/Nagayan, Kimeru/Abe; PG]

Silk [Tuti/Nagayan; NC-17]

The Best Gift [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Past [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Believe [Tuti/Nagayan; PG-13]

A Perfect Christmas [Tuti/Nagayan; PG-13]

Desire [Tuti/Nagayan; PG-13]

Better Than Fine [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Sleeplessness [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Reassurance [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Choices [Tuti/Nagayan; PG-13]

Worth the Wait [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Graduation [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

A Quiet Place [Tuti/Nagayan; PG-13]

Support [Tuti/Nagayan; PG-13]

Watching [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Love [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Messages [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Childhood [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Baggage [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

First Memories [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Anonymity [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Nibble [Tuti/Nagayan, NC-17]

Photo Shoot [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

The Fiercest Calm [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Why Him? [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Celebration [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Never Let Go [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Contact [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Collaboration [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Unravel [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Spark [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Two Days Too Many [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

The Temperature of a Kiss [Tuti/Nagayan; PG-13]

Impossible [Tuti/Nagayan; PG-13]

SOS [Tuti/Nagayan; R]

First Crush [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Remember [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

See Me [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

3月9日 [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

That Time of Year Again [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Enough [Tuti/Nagayan; PG-13]

Aurora [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

Kakushitori Shashin [Tuti/Nagayan; PG]

And the vacuum in space will draw me to you [Tuti/Nagayan; PG-13]

Limitless [Tuti/Nagayan; R]

Surprise [Tuti/Nagayan; PG-13]

*pnish* play-verse - Maharaja Mode

Even [Nataraja/Pasupata; PG]

Stay [Nataraja/Pasupata; PG]


Taste/Sound [Tuti/Nagayan + Mushishi Crossover; PG]


Memories Are Made of This [John/Rodney; PG-13]

Blue Skies and Ferris Wheels [John/Rodney; PG-13]

Happiness, or something like that [John/Rodney; PG-13]

Three Seconds and an Invitation [John/Rodney; PG]

Freefall [John/Rodney; PG]


Well, We're Always On Our Way [Sam, Dean; PG-13, 3400 words]

There's a Trick to It [Sam, Dean; PG, 1400 words]

New Ground Rules [Sam, Dean; PG-13, 4030 words]

The Tricks of Creative Navigation [Sam, Dean; PG-13, 5100 words]

The Fire Dream [Sam, Dean, John; pre-series; PG-13, 5700 words]

The Light at the End of the Tunnel Is You [Sam/Dean; PG-13, 4200 words]

keep the fire going bright [Sam/Dean; R, 4100 words]

This Is a War [Sam/Dean; PG-13, 2100 words]

forever is the space between [Sam/Dean; PG-13, 1750 words]

The Interstellar Medium [Sam/Dean; PG-13, 6500 words]

This Is How We Save the World [Sam, Dean; PG; 1580 words]

The Open Ocean [Dean, RoboSam; Sam/Dean; PG-13; 2200 words]

End Zone [Sam/Dean; PG-13; 1600 words]

Any Color You Like [Crossover with Stargate Atlantis; Sam, Dean, Radek Zelenka; PG; 2193 words]



Proper Communication [Box/Page; PG]

First Kiss [Akira/Page; PG]

Up [Box/Page; PG]


When there is no place to lie down, walk [Troels/Rie; PG-13]


Afterimage [Rin, mentions Haru; PG]


A Map (written on your heart) [Kurt/Blaine, PG-13, multi-chapter, COMPLETE)
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7

Here, beneath my lungs [Kurt/Blaine; PG-13]


Point of Differentiation [Yuuta, Yuuki; PG]

I'll draw us a map [Yuuta, Yuuki; PG]

Tulip in a Cup [Shun, Yuuta; PG]


The Center of the Universe [Merlin/Arthur; PG]

The Easiest Truth [Merlin/Arthur; PG]


Second Kiss [Bradley/Colin; PG-13]

(most link to

Multi-Part Fic

Truth [Oishi/Eiji; PG-13]
One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven

Spring Haze [Oishi/Eiji; PG-13 to R]
One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven


A Perfect Kiss [Oishi/Eiji; PG-13]

Breaking the Rules [Oishi/Eiji; PG-13]

A Perfect Game [Oishi/Eiji; PG-13]

Untitled Drabble [Oishi/Eiji; PG]

Samurai Flamenco

Sidekick [Goto Hidenori/Hazama Masayoshi, pre-slash; PG, 2271 words]

a map with your name for a capital [Goto Hidenori/Hazama Masayoshi; PG-13, 3400 words]

The Hurricane Inclined Us [Goto Hidenori/Hazama Masayoshi; PG-13, 3624 words]

an invisible umbrella [Goto Hidenori/Hazama Masayoshi; PG-13, 2067 words]

Start Anywhere [Goto Hidenori/Hazama Masayoshi; PG-13, 2899 words]

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