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her amiability was a mask for her ambition

sights and sounds pull me back down

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13 August
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Updated: 12/13/12

Friending Policy:

This journal is pretty much friends-only, except for my fic, which is always public. There's really no good reason for this? But I do tend to lock the vast majority of my other posts, so I suppose I should just come right out and call this friends-only. ^_~

I generally add back, but if you’ve friended me, and I haven’t friended you back, most likely it means I don’t know who you are, or how I know you, so just drop me a comment to say hi. ^_^

Bio Stuff:

As for general interest stuff, lately I've been all about Supernatural, but other things I'm into at the moment include: Doctor Who, Merlin, Fringe, a large number of various and sundry anime series, and, as always, Nagayama Takashi. (My Nagayan comm is here: nagayan_love <3) Oh, and Denmark. And Lars Mikkelsen. I'm also a huge San Francisco Giants fan. ♥

I write things when I'm inspired, which I wish was all the time, but for much of this year I've been "in-between fandoms", which for me generally means I've been sitting here feeling like crap about the fact that there's nothing I want to write/fangirl about. I'm hoping that's now changed, but one can never be too sure, so we'll see. ^_~

Recently, I've written a lot of fic for Torchwood, and some for No.6, too. ♥

Here are some relevant links for things I've written:




Strawberry Wine

(Tenimyu RPS Fic Archive)

I also have a bunch of fic recs in my memories, mostly organized by fandom, should you so desire to visit them. ^_~

Credit for the lovely banner below goes to ms_bekahrose, who made this for me as a prize for winning the fic challenge over at redisourcolor. AND I LOVE IT. ♥




Nagayan is love!

Tuti and Nagayan are Golden Pair Love

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Tuti x Nagayan is 6-Years' Friendship ♥

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TutixNagayan ♥

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Variable XY: anything but ordinary - Original YAOI Fiction

LxLight is a dominance battle smart guys and hate!sex love

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Box and Page - Otaku-comrades forever

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